"I started supporting Tottenham because of Bill Nicholson and the team that he produced in the early 1960's, and in an age where money governs everything in football, this man's loyalty and service to one football club is extraordinary."
Keith Anderson

"Mr Tottenham Hotspur - the man who made us mighty."
Simon Twining

"If any one citizen deserves the highest honour from his country for outstanding service to his chosen profession it is Bill Nicholson. The fact that Spurs can consistently underachieve and still be regarded as a big club is due to the extraordinary effort invested by Mr Nicholson. He devoted a lifetime in pursuit of excellence and honour, for which he has received scant reward, financial or otherwise."
Ronan Early

"His loyalty has been an inspiration and an example of one man's devotion to something he loves and believes in. He has never sought fame or fortune and has served the game beyond any reasonable expectations whilst conducting himself in an exemplary manner."
Vic Power

"I cannot think of an individual who has given more service to the game of football. Bill Nicholson epitomises integrity, loyalty and honesty."
Graham Sanford

"He has served the community of Tottenham, and the fan base of Tottenham Hotspur for decades. If anyone deserves a Knighthood for services to the community it is he."
Michael Mocatta

"My dad used to have a sweet shop along White Hart Lane (late 1970's) and Bill Nicholson was a regular customer. He would stand in the shop for ages, chatting to my dad about football. Other customers would sometimes join in. My dad felt his comments were valued by Bill Nic, and that gave him the biggest buzz you can imagine. He was my dad's hero after all. Bill loves Spurs with all his heart and will talk about football to anyone. He is one of the few managers past and present who genuinely respect the fans' views and will listen to what people have to say. No comment is invalid as far as he is concerned."
Andrea Fraser

"Fairness, brilliance, unassuming, a thoroughly good bloke."
Richard Nuttall

"Bill Nick: Not just a great man of football, but a great man. His passion for Tottenham Hotspur and all of us who follow the club is well known. For one who has achieved so much to be so humble is an example we can all follow."
Paul McGoohan

"Bill Nicholson Way - not just an address, more a statement of intent."
Tim Barber

"They say the game now lacks honesty and integrity. It's true, but understandable. Bill Nick so cornered the market in those virtues (and still does) that there was none left over for anyone else."
David Richardson

"Why are Tottenham regarded as underachievers today? Simply because Bill set up a system in Tottenham which made us fans feel an ache for the old days. We fans will never be satisfied with second best because - with him - we had the best."
Garald Casey

"He has proudly served his club for more than half a century and still lives humbly in the area. He is an ordinary man who achieved extraordinary things and made an indelible mark on the lives of so many."
Gavin Klein

"The man is a legend and is truly a man of his people. Bill Nicholson still lives in Tottenham and you can't imagine him ever wanting to flounce off to Chigwell or Hertfordshire like most of the players these days..."
Dominic Sturges

“Bill Nicholson epitomises everything that’s good in football, a true gentleman and a great example to football fans and players of all ages.”
Jason Maxwell

“The man is a genius…”
John Clifton

“I am a 26 year old lifelong Spurs fan who has seen many great teams and managers during my time of going to the Lane. However according to my father who has been a season ticket holder for the past 35 years, there is no one who can hold a torch to Bill Nicholson, a person he refers to quite simply as ‘The Great Man’.”
Tony Wright

“Those of us these days who claim the club is built on great traditions and exciting attack-minded football need only look back to this man for all the inspiration we need.”
Craig Annetts

“Not only a winner but a man who has shown true loyalty: an honourable gentleman.”
Ewan Dunlop

“A modest, dignified and hard working man who rose to the pinnacle of success in one of the most competitive and stressful of professions.”
Hardip Mothada

“He gave supporters everywhere what they wanted, attractive football. His loyalty and dignity are rare in the world of sport and such virtues should be encouraged through recognition and reward.”
Cliff Langford

“This man is worth his weight in gold.”
Kerry Wallace

“Tottenham through and through.”
Alex Simmons

“This is a man who has devoted his life to Tottenham Hotspur. When Tottenham Hotspur is mentioned the first name that springs to mind is Bill Nicholson. He was always humble and allowed his beloved Spurs to do his talking for him. A true aristocrat in football, Tottenham Hotspur will never see his like again. A giant and unassuming man who is one of the greatest managers of all time.”
Keith Lowe

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the great man, briefly, once in the Lane reception. His aura defies description.”
Steve Hill

“One of the greatest managers of all time and a true gentleman.”
Alan Fitter

“A legend in his own time - an example to us.”
Daniel Pollen

“A loyal, honest and fantastically dedicated man like Bill Nicholson deserves all our thanks.”
Gary Holdcroft

“Had the pleasure of meeting the great man at White Hart Lane where I was meeting someone before travelling to Wembley to see an England friendly. He gave me directions on the best route to Wembley, and lets face it this man would know. One of the greatest managers in modern history.”
Glenn Atkins

“One of the nicest men I have had the privilege of meeting. A giant in the game among giants, modest and honest and passionate. A real gent and a winner.”
Robert Meader