"If you don't win anything, you
have had a bad season."
"Spurs have got to be the best in
the land, not the second best."
"I always said that it was an honour to serve Tottenham Hotspur and I feel the same every time I walk back into the stadium." "When it is played at its best football remains the greatest game of all. And Tottenham, so close to my heart, is still to me the greatest club."
"Naturally I'm a Tottenham man. So far as football is concerned, it means almost everything, doesn't it really? Because I can reflect back to being a player with, and manager of some of the finest players that have ever been in the game." "Any player coming to Spurs whether he's a big signing or just a ground staff boy must be dedicated to the game and to the club. He must be prepared to work at his game. He must never be satisfied with his last performance, and he must hate losing."
"The public can't be kidded. They know what they want to see, what is good and what is bad and what is just average. At least I believe they do." "If you don't have to drag yourself off the field exhausted after 90 minutes, you can't claim to have done your best."
"We must always consider our supporters, for without them there would be no professional football. It would be better to have more fans watching football the way they like it played, rather than have a few fans watching football the way we would like it played." "...intelligence doesn't make you a good footballer. Oxford and Cambridge would have the best sides if that were true. It's a football brain that matters and that doesn't usually go with an academic brain. In fact I prefer it when it doesn't. I prefer players not to be too good or clever at other things. It means they concentrate on football."
"It's been my life, Tottenham Hotspur,
and I love the club."
"It's no use just winning, we've got to win well."
"There's no use being satisfied when things
are done wrongly. I want perfection."
"It's magnificent to be in Europe, and this club - a club like Tottenham Hotspur - if we're not in Europe.... we're nothing. We're nothing."
"It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have
set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory."
"He's the foundations of this club." - Glenn Hoddle "An inspiration." - Danny Blanchflower
"I had twelve years as a Tottenham player under Bill Nicholson and could not have wished to have played for a better manager. I can still hear his wise words in my head when I am out on the training ground as a manager myself." - Joe Kinnear "My respect and admiration for him just grew the more I saw of him. He knew more about the game than anyone I ever met, and knew how to convey it. He was the complete manager. I cannot speak highly enough of him." - Cliff Jones
"He never let us forget that we were out there to entertain the public." - Dave Mackay "A fantastic tactician, superb coach and probably the best manager I've seen." - Alan Mullery
"Oh, magic man. There's no doubt - not only in football during my career but he's had the biggest influence on my life, generally." - Pat Jennings "He had the total and undying respect of all the players and staff associated with the club. He ate, drank and slept Tottenham Hotspur..." - Barry Daines
"Bill eventually became Mr Tottenham Hotspur, and produced such a dazzling team at White Hart Lane that they won the double and played the game in a way that was an object lesson to everybody."
- Brian Clough
"Bill Nicholson was totally dedicated to this club. He was the first person to arrive in the morning and the last person to leave at night. He's a fantastic man and it was an honour to serve under him." - Martin Peters
"To me he is all what Tottenham is about."
- Martin Chivers
"...he was straight as a die, 100 per cent honest and 100 per cent Spurs." - Dave Mackay
"He was a great man and a true gentleman. Bill had time for everyone -not just the players but the backroom staff and the supporters. He was a great ambassador for Tottenham Hotspur and for football."
- Ralph Coates
"You had to play with him or against him to appreciate what a great defender he was, and when the opposing manager was looking for a weakness in the Tottenham defence, the name Nicholson never came up."
- Joe Mercer
"Sometimes I used to go past the club late at night and the office light would still be on - he was just devoted to the club." - Terry Medwin "I was always in awe of him. He was the big man of Tottenham and the big man of football as far as I was concerned." - Steve Perryman
"Bill Nicholson is the name that is synonymous with Tottenham. His achievements, and the way in which he achieved them, will always be remembered by anyone with a Spurs connection. Off the field Bill is a gentleman in the true sense of the word."
- Gary Mabbutt
"I have always had the deepest respect for Bill Nicholson as a person and as a manager. The Spurs boss is an honest Yorkshireman and you will go a long way before finding a straighter character than that. Bill has never wavered in his determination to give White Hart Lane fans the best." - Bill Shankly